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Your smile depends on a full set of teeth. If you are missing any, you could suffer speech problems, eating could be more difficult, plaque buildup is easier to occur, malocclusions could form, and you may suffer from decreased self-esteem. To combat the effects of tooth loss, there are multiple treatment options available. Listed below are the benefits of dentures:

— Dentures are removable and thus are amazing treatment options if you are seeking a tooth replacement procedure that requires little to no recovery time for your mouth.

— Dentures can revive the natural shape of your jawline and facial structure that was lost due to missing teeth.

— Dentures can remove the aged look that often happens due to missing teeth and return your facial profile to a much younger, healthier-looking version.

— If you are missing any teeth, the opening left behind can cause the gums to loosen and shift neighboring teeth. With partial dentures, the gaps can be filled in.

— A full, natural-looking smile is much more acceptable in the workplace, social settings, and amongst your peers, enhancing not only your social standing and acceptance among others but also boosting your self-esteem and positive self-image.

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