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Are you aware of the tooth hazards in your life that put your smile at risk? Can you think of any foods or drinks that you’re eating that are potentially hazardous to your oral health? Make sure to practice effective tooth hazard prevention, including avoiding or exercising caution with the following tooth hazards:

– Sodas are often loaded with sugar and should be avoided at all costs.

– Like sodas, sports drinks are high in sugar and can often lead to enamel erosion.

– Fruit juice often contains excessive amounts of sugar and often has a pH level which is comparable to battery acid.

– Never open products with your teeth as they can easily lead to dental damage. Instead, always keep scissors or bottle openers close by to ensure you don’t find yourself using your teeth to try to open packaging.

– Be aware that starchy foods, such as potato chips, can do dental damage to your teeth. This is because bacteria and plaque can break down the starchy foods into acids that will attack your teeth.

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