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Do you have perfect oral hygiene? Are you doing everything in your power to ensure that all areas of your oral health routine are at their best? One of the first things you should consider working on to improve your smile includes your brushing and flossing smile. Top off your smile with a flawless flossing technique.

Flawless flossing is a never-ending task, as there is always room for improvement. Each individual dental profile is different and thus the angles and styles used to effectively ensure all areas of a tooth are cleaned differ from person to person. However, there are some techniques that everyone should consider using.

Always strive to use a length of thread about 18 inches long. This ensures that no section will be used more than once, which helps prevent spreading the bacteria or residue around your mouth. Make sure to shape the floss around each tooth to form a “c” shape. This helps ensure all areas and sides of a tooth can be effectively reached. If your floss easily tears, try switching to a single filament thread. Floss between every tooth and behind your back teeth. A well-done flossing session should only take 2-3 minutes to complete.

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