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Did you know that there are several symptoms and indications of bad breath? It’s true. Chronic bad breath, or halitosis, can often be caused by one or several underlying ailments and conditions within your mouth or body. One of the key risk factors for developing bad breath is associated with poor oral hygiene. Halitosis can also be symptom of underlying physical health conditions deep within your body.

Did you know that liver problems, kidney issues, and respiratory tract infections are known causes of bad breath? It’s true. If you suffer from severe bad breath that doesn’t seem to be going away, visit your doctor to see if it is a result of any underlying health condition. However, if poor oral hygiene is causing your bad breath, you’ll need to keep your mouth clean of any debris and plaque buildup.

To help keep your mouth clean, be sure to brush and floss on a daily basis. Doing so will help make sure your mouth is always free of any debris that can increase bacteria and cause bad breath. Furthermore, you’ll need to use a tongue scraper or similar tool to brush off any bacteria that is hanging out on your tongue. Another commonly used tool to treat bad breath is mouthwash.

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