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When your teeth become damaged, you may experience decreased oral function and an inability to properly chew your food. A fractured tooth can result from a hard blow to the face, tooth grinding, playing sports without a mouth guard, or chewing on pens and pencils. Our dentists may need to treat a badly fractured tooth by placing a custom-made dental crown.

Prior to preparing the tooth for a dental crown, our dental team will thoroughly analyze your tooth’s internal structure to ensure it can be transformed into an abutment to support the permanent dental crown. This is don by removing the tooth enamel and leaving behind a post-shaped sheath around the inner tooth.

After sending an impression of the abutment and bite pattern to a dental lab to guide the creation of your dental crown, we can place a temporary crown to protect the abutment.

When it’s time to place your permanent crown, we will invite you back to the office to remove the temporary crown and then place the final product. Proper care and daily cleaning will ensure that your dental crown can serve your smile well for many years.

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