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Improve your oral health this summer with a cavity-free smile. Your oral health care can benefit from other treatments beyond brushing and flossing. Studies have shown that by chewing sugarless gum for a period of roughly 20 minutes, preferably after eating, it can form saliva and help neutralize acids and prevent cavities. For more fantastic benefits that chewing sugarless gum can offer, see the list below:

– Chewing gum can sometimes lead to jaw pain or uncover an underlying condition. Avoid chewing gum until all disorders with your jaw can be corrected.

– Chewing sugarless gum after meals can be highly effective in keeping your teeth safe and clean during times when brushing may not be ideal.

– Use sugarless gum to help wash away food debris that may be detrimental to your oral health.

– Sugarless gum is extremely beneficial in the prevention and treatment of heartburn.

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