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Sometimes a blow to the head can impact the mouth with enough force to sever the periodontal ligaments anchoring a tooth. This can sometimes loosen it or completely knock it out of the periodontal socket.

In a dental emergency like this you need to seek timely treatment from one of our skilled dentists. After assessing the severity of the damage to the tooth and the surrounding oral tissues, we can help you understand your treatment options.

If the affected tooth has been severely damaged, we might recommend extracting whatever remains of its root. Afterward, we will likely provide you with a prescription for pain medication to help manage any latent pain.

After all the traumatized tissues and periodontal structures have healed, we might be able to replace the tooth with a dental implant restoration.

This treatment plan typically starts with performing a minor oral surgery to install a titanium dental implant. After it has fully fused with the living bone tissues in the area, we will create an abutment that will be strong enough to support a dental crown.

If you are in the Haddonfield, New Jersey, region and you have just suffered a severe oral trauma, you should call 856-429-0404 to seek emergency treatment from the staff at Vincent C. Mayher, DMD, MAGD. Dr. Vincent Mayher, Dr. Jessica Meier, and Dr. Salvatore Pera are here to help you with all your oral care needs.